Friday, May 14, 2010

Skanky Playlists.

here's the deal...
sometimes i get on iTunes, type in my debit card #
and go wild. today was one of those days & i am thoroughly satisfied with my purchases. 

the thing is, some of you are going to sneer, laugh
& maybe even gag at my song choices.
BUT, i know that you all have a song list of your favorite guilty pleasure tunes that is embarrassing and annoying and raunchy and totally awesome.

so, dear friends, let's all share the hideous
music that we love...
i'll go first. 

my "purchased" folder in
iTunes currently lists:

Whataya Want from Me?  -Adam Lambert
California Girls  -Katy Perry
Kiss Me Thru the Phone  -Soulja Boy
Circus  -Britney Spears
Girlfriend  -Avril Lavigne
Love Like This  -Natasha Bedingfield
I Gotta Feeling  -Black Eyed Peas
With You  -Chris Brown
Halo  -Beyonce

there you have it.
which ones do you hate the most? ...Soulja Boy? Avril? Britney?
yeah, yeah, yeah   :)


Anonymous said...

hate the most.....all :) how long will this phase last? m

dd said...

k...heres my guilty pleasures when it comes to lame music...
OMG (Usher)
Hey, Soul Sister (Train)
Need You Now (Lady Antebellum)
Not Afraid (Eminem)
Break Your Heart (Ludacris??)
Your Love Is My Drug (Kesha)
also last but def. not least...Airplanes..seriously loooooveee that song...
Oh and how could I forget Heartbreak warfare..
sooo glad you made this post cause I needed to get this off my chest=)

Katherine Marie said...

toes in the sand- zac brown band (ugh. country. but so so cetchy!)
say aah- trey songz (could listen to this on repeat forever!!)
break your heart- taio cruz
bulletproof- raheem devaughn (nothing like a good slow jamm)
tik tok- ke$ha
baby- justin bieber
right round- flo rida
evacuate the dance floor- cascada
nothin on you- b.o.b.

to name a few... yeah. i love me some happy songs.

A. Suzanne said...

ahhhh, katie...justin bieber?! ewwww....hate it. hahah!

deeds...i hate train, but i totally get it.

i am totally going to look some of these up...see if i too, can love/hate them :)

dd said...

Katherine, we've never met, but I totally respect your taste in lame poppy music=)
ps...the chick in the pic makes me..
a) regret cutting my hair
and b) want highlights=)