Thursday, August 19, 2010

Portland: Day 7

reunion #2

marisa lived in italy with us as well. she is a crazy soul. hilarious and honest and sweet-spirited. she's lived in wild places and loved so many people. she has collected wisdom from all different kinds of places and experiences in life. it was so stinkin' fun to see her yesterday. we spent the morning and early afternoon at multnomah falls - which was so beautiful - had lunch and then cruised home for a little downtime.

see and love this little restaurant:

and it's handsome chefs:

i was smitten. 

the nightlife

scared of oyster shots ... yeesh ... i still did it!

goin' home.


Anonymous said...

You make Portland even more alluring and peaceful than I remember! <3


Anonymous said...

You look the happiest. Ever. And I love it.
Every one's hair is so cute! Danielle's looks fab especially. :)

Oyster shots = ew. But adventurous.
That's a cute chef you've got there...