Friday, October 15, 2010

The New September.

i think october is my new favorite fall month.
it used to be september ... but september in st. louey doesn't carry the autumn magic quite like chicago & minneapolis did. but within the last few weeks weather here has turned a corner towards perfect, sunny afternoons (although the high today was 80 again ... WHAT?!) and dull, chilly evenings that beckon me to pull on bulky sweaters and wool socks ... you know, the kinds of things that define fall. 

anyway, i am simply procrastinating the casting on of yet another paper that i have to write. so i'll leave you with these charming photos of my sister and her bebe ... one of the most charming boys i've ever known & loved.

 a fall afternoon, all dressed in blue, with my mama's garden as a backdrop ... perfection.

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