Thursday, February 3, 2011

Buh Buh Buh Buuhhhh ... Bum Bum Bum Bum.

i dig the beat of a song that's playing right now ... hence the buhs & bums.

today has been quite an inspirational day. 
i love days like today ... they make me feel alive. 

it started with an enlightenment during my afternoon class which i've started exploring through writing, but the thoughts need a bit of polishing before publishing ... continued with a conversation with a certain someone that made me feel connected and excited and not alone in the world of progression of Self. 

then .... now ... as i sit in my workplace, waiting to clock in and begin my evening of "work", i stumbled across an enticing companies webpage. i love finding companies that make everyday items honestly and with purpose and passion. i like to support them, even if it does mean an extra penny or two to do so. 

my new discovery?  ...
they make charming, comfy clothes at a price that isn't  too far  out the waz. 

 see ... look at these loose, so cute pants: 

and what about this cozy 100% organic cotton dress.
that i may or may not totally want in the dark plum color?

2nd bank-emptyin'-greed-breedin' site find:
to. die. for. 

.... see?

i want them. all of them. 
i want one of each, wrapped in cute patterned tissue paper, to be delivered to my front door ... my name plastered on the front of the box ... the edges taped shut, begging me to rip into it and revel in the glory of new clothes. 
ahhhh, yes, that is one of life's glories 
worth reveling in.

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