Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sick Day. Ew.

i woke up yesterday morning feeling strange.

45 minutes later i decided to go back to bed. 

i set my alarm for noon so i could get up & get ready for class.

noon came ... alarm rang ... i woke-up moaning & groaning in achiness, fever-stricken.

i emailed my professor and went back to sleep.

three o'clock rolled around ... i woke up again ... moaning & groaning ensued, this time convincing me that i'd better get a plastic bag or bowl or something to catch my ... ummm ... you-know-what. 

the rest of my day was spent falling in and out of sleep ... 
bouts of deep chilliness accompanied by a sweaty brow...
i got out of bed only twice and slept for a grand total of 19 hours. 

thank God for my apple entertainment center:
my ipod quietly sang me worship tunes all afternoon while i slept.
my macbook fed me the newest facebook & favorite blog updates. 
and my iphone provided a constant flow of charming, funny, perfect text messages from the cutest boy i know who is currently spending a week of vacation in southern california
... see:

this morning i feel 90% better. 
my bod is a little crampy and sore from lying down all day yesterday, but nothing a good dose of yoga stretches and midol can't do away with.

rest of today's forecast:
toast & tea for breakfast, 
more class skipping, 
and naps 'til work tonight.  

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