Sunday, May 8, 2011

Daddy's Birthday

something i know close to nothing about.

but i do know this ...  
mine did it right. 

they raised three pretty stinkin' good kids, if i do say so myself.
my older sister, younger brother, and i all have good minds, deep hearts, strong convictions, distinct personalities, big dreams, and a love for Christ that is real ... that we cannot escape. our love for Him is part of our identity, it's all of our identity, who we are. it is our essence. without Him in thought, theory, or word i am pretty sure that all three of us would be lost, unidentified,
& confused. 

the head of our home ... he lives and breathes for Truth.
he studies it and teaches it and pours it and himself into other people because he wants them to understand what they believe and read ... he wants them to meet the glory of God and know the depth of His words. he is smart. he is wise. he is not a push-over. he is a man who stands for Truth no matter the cost ...
his pride, his job, his reputation, his happiness, his comfort.

he doesn't care.
the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the single most important thing
to him and he does not waiver in his pursuit of knowing it better ...
and helping others to do the same.

one of the best lessons i have learned from my dad - something he has modeled for me throughout my whole life -
is to never be afraid to ask for forgiveness.
although he is the head of our home, the man, the leader, the Big Guy ...
my father has never shown a hesitancy towards coming to me, his child, to ask for my forgiveness.
 over the years i have come to realize that asking for forgiveness is never weak or foolish ... but it is the resemblance of Christ within one's own spirit, the searching for oneness and unity with his or her brothers and sisters through humility ...
it is biblical and honorable, to the core.
over the years i have come to cherish this lesson. to be able to go to someone i have wronged or offended or been harsh with and ask them to forgive me, to have mercy on me, to trust me again, to be tender with me ... that is a sweet and vulnerable thing ... and because i have had it modeled through my father  the figure of strength and power in my life  ... i can do it.

people all over the country cherish my father and his fervency for teaching & relaying Truth.
he is respected by hundreds of people as a spiritual leader and source of wisdom.
he is a biblical teacher and one who will never lose his love and search for knowledge.

he is my dad.
i will know him forever.
i have a connection with him that will never die.
i cannot be separated from him ... no matter the distance, the conflict, the growing-up ...
i am his & he is mine.


and i am proud to belong to him.

Happy Birthday, Dad. 
sorry you're alone today  :(

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Anonymous said...

Well...I wrote about Marm today and you wrote about Dadda. I guess we've covered our bases.
But you wrote beautifully about him. And you know what's funny? Whenever people ask me what I've learned from my parents I ALWAYS talk about forgiveness and dad. He was never hesitant to ask for forgiveness (and so sincerely) when he had wronged any of us. It always struck me, even as a little girl, how this big, strong man (my daddy!) could be asking ME (of all people) to forgive him.
It just meant a lot. To me and, obviously, to you too.