Saturday, May 1, 2010


i have tattoo fever.

what is a girl to do when she has tattoo fever,
artistic juices flowing through her veins, and the world of
tattoo artists and their creations at her fingertips via google?

here are some fantastic pieces
i am finding & L-O-V-I-N-G

these birdie tats are stirring my imagination...
the flock of birds over my shoulder is something
i have been flirting with for years!

(dd this one's for YOU)

this world tattoo is meaningful & charming...
although i don't think i will ever get a foot tat, i love this idea!

this boys sleeves are irresistible.
i would have the biggest crush if i ever saw him walking down a city sidewalk.
i don't think i would ever have the guts or cash flow to get a sleeve...
but if i did they'd be in grey scale & probably have a good amount of text,
just like mr. handsome's :)

i have also been thinking about some scriptural tat ideas...
i like the placement & simplicity
of this girls phrase tattoo:

so, there you have it.
obviously, i am a fan of black & white tattoos...
i love their striking appearance.
plus, color scares me little bit.

who knows if i'll get any of these...
or if i'll even get another tattoo period.

just dreaming.
(my mom is going to kill me)


Jamie Willow said...

i love those flocks of bird tattoos. that is going on my list of case I ever get the nerve up to do more than the tiny one I already have...

Mrs. B. said...

Sister might kill you too. :)
I love your birdie on the neck. You should take a pic and post it here.
I actually really like the first one you posted...the girl with flock o' birds over her shoulder.
P.S. Mr. Handsome looks greasy.

A. Suzanne said...

i like greasy :)

Mrs. B. said...

Oh...and I LOVE.
L. O. V. E. the earth on the feet tattoo. It is wonderful!

dd said...

I LOVE ALL OF THESE!!! especially the birds on the back! Holy Smokes I need it!