Saturday, May 1, 2010

More Ink. MY Ink.

by special request of my big sissy
here are my tattoos on an
early, greasy, unshowered morning:

sometimes i forget that my bird exists...
and then a kind customer admires it or i catch a
glance of him in the mirror while getting ready.
they are little,
but i love them both.


Mrs. B. said...

Good job. You look good greasy - pretty even.

Laura said...

A- Did you know that I have always had a secret crush on you since you got that birdy tattoo. I seriously love it and I want one but I can't be a copier. :-)
Also, I love your blog, why is there not a "follow" button?

Ben said...

What's all this then? I think I once knew these girls... how long gone are they?

A. Suzanne said...

we are not that long gone...and we miss our octavious :) email me your phone number immediately, mister. i want to know what's happening in your wild-man ya!

i think there's a "follow" link up at the top of the page in blue...?

i love my birdie too.
although i agree that you ought not copy, i think you need a special, boho-euro girl tat...something great! any thoughts?

<3 A

dd said...

Octavious Juliani!!!! Holy Smokes...I thought you vanished into this air!!! Whats your location buddy? Head to there by August 13th...its gonna be epic!

Ben said...

Ottavio Gullianni I thought, who knows though. Been ages since I last spoke with any of you, shoot me an email if you think about it it and are bored. Ill prolly be able to get back with you in 3 months or so, just whenever I check my email n stuff.