Friday, June 25, 2010

Before I Die...

1. Visit all 7 of the natural wonders of the world
  • Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA 
  • Great Barrier Reef, Australia
  • Harbor of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Mount Everest, Nepal
  • Northern Lights - Aurora Borealis, Alaska, USA
  • Parícutin volcano, Michocán, Mexico
  • Victoria Falls, Zambezi River, Africa

2. Finish a Peace Corps Assignment

3. Visit San Francisco, CA.

4. Fall in love

5. Go to Greece with the love of my life

6. Dread my hair 8.17.2010

7. Go to Israel ... preferably with my dad

8. Own an old volvo station wagon with leather interior

9. Drive through a foreign desert in a jeep & see wild animals, a perfect sunset & breath taking trees (Aaafrica?)

10. Go to India

11. Get a tattoo. get a 1/2 sleeve.

12. Hold & love a dying child and cry over him or her and stroke their hair and gaze into their eyes and tell them that they're perfect and send them to Jesus

13. Have biological children...and give them inspiring, spiritual names...i want my husband and i to find a bible verse during my pregnancy to pray over that child their whole lives and give them corresponding middle names. 

14. Go on a LONG road a whole summer...and visit all my friends in all of their homes, and visit big huge beautiful cities and simple, creative small meet people...and sleep in the back of a van....and kiss a boy (or boys) in the back of a van...and take showers in public places.

15. Attend a BURNING MAN festival

16. Live in something other than a house for an extended period of time 

17. Run in an organized race (this is MUST again.) 3.13.2010 & 10.3.2010

18. Have (visible) abs 

19. Go sailing 

20. Live on the East & West coast for at least 6mo-1 year 

21. Have sex in a public place

22. Graduate college

23. Finish Graduate School

24. House children who are not my own for an extended period of time

25. Live in a house with multiple families/couples for at least one year...i think it'd be a great learning/communal experience

26. Be a vegetarian for 1 year

27. Eat completely raw for 1 year

28. Jump off something really, really high.


"...To live a life so unpredictable & simplified that people write my address in pencil and wonder at my strange existence."
The Vision The Vow


Britney said...

i love this list. :)
it's beautiful.

Laura said...

Great list. I like the naughty ones. But seriously, everything on your list is completely do-able. :-)