Wednesday, June 9, 2010


that's what i have been these last few weeks. 
caught in the beautiful, inspiring, fun-loving, kid-hugging, money-spending flurry of life.

things past:
my 23rd birthday.
last friday, june 4th

i got a new pair of pants in the mail from Thailand and i  L-O-V-E  them!!!  bought them here!
pictures coming.

things to come:
pictures of my NEW bedroom that is coming together quite nicely.

camera bank account is giving me a green light & after that purchase i will have many more things to document in a much more beautiful fashion. 

a day out with my charming nephew, Beck, this weekend. 

the return home of my younger brother...
he has been in Jamaica & Haiti for the past 5 months & his family is anxiously awaiting his return on Saturday!

that's all for now.

no offense, but i agree  :)

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Anonymous said...

Fun etsy site! I like the fishermen ones. Cute cute!
I agree w/ more books than blogs.