Wednesday, July 14, 2010

None But Ourselves Can Free Our Minds.

number six from this list is in the works...
i am excited & stinkin' nervous about simplifying my life in this way. it will be SO different. aren't they amazing though? mine will take a very long time to get to these lengths. 
i've heard that dreads are a journey...i am ready to embark.

p.s. none of these are my pictures. 
they've all been found on the internet during 
"research"... no one sue me. 


Anonymous said...

I Love: 'no one sue me.'
Also, I think I'll love the dreads once they are on your head.

Laura said...

It's going to be awesome and you'll be hot. I love lady dreads, but I couldn't pull that off. You definitely could though. C'mon... just come to NZ and be a hippy here with me.