Friday, August 27, 2010


vacation is over. 
this has been an icky, dreadful, and quite rude awakening in my world. i didn't even get to finish my "Portland Documented" project because the minute i stepped off of that plane, into the repulsive st. louis humidity, i have been busy. busy. busy. busy. busy. SO busy. 

fall semester 2010 is in full swing:
16 credit hours
early mornings
cute red-headed boys with tattoos
charming, chubby professors
mini asian professors
obnoxious history/politics professors (aren't they all?)
deep, hot-voiced, salt-n-pepper haired professors
lots. of. books.

this semester looks like it's going to be great. my classes are interesting & a little scary. my professors are fun, intellectual, easy to talk with, and completely interested in me, my education, & where i want to go. everything will be fine once i remind myself that i'm not across the country living a dream with my two greatest friends ever ... drinking wine, sleeping in beds together, trotting aimlessly downtown, taking long naps, and living crazy late nights. 

i need a schedule. immediately.

in other news:
dreads are good. a bit frizzy & at times scary ... but good. i'll post about them soon.
work is in-freakin-sane. 42 hours this week. gross.
my camera is still packed away from my trip  :(
my family has been out of town every since i got home and it STINKS. excited for their return. 
i haven't run in almost two weeks. bad. bad. bad. 
a woman just came into the cafe at work complaining that her drink tastes like coffee ... i work at a coffee shop. wow. 

that's all. 

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Dannywoo said...

Drink that tastes like coffee at a coffee shop...craziest thing! What did you tell her in response?