Saturday, August 28, 2010

Portland: Day 9 - Saturday 8.24.2010

nothing monumental happened today ... except waking up at 4am to take danielle to the airport. we said groggy goodbyes & i longed for my bed ... when i woke up later that day, i longed for dd.

we ate lunch at amanda & tibi's favorite vietnamese restaurant, browsed some thrift shops & specialty stores and then went home to cuddle under blankets, in pajamas and take a nap before our night out on the town. 
we went to portland city grill for a late dinner. i ordered a glass of riesling white wine (one of the glorious habits i've adopted this week - drinking wine) & the platter of fresh crab cakes with garlic mashed potatoes, a shaved fennel salad & a basil dijon lemon butter sauce. YUM. YUM. YUM.

side note: tibi & i are buddies, 
i am so glad to have met him. 
he is kind and silly and whitty and 
loud and comforting and so thoughtful 
and incredibly smart. he is determined 
and sweet and not worried about 
judgement from others. he is a good
 & strong man for my friend. 
and because she loves him, as do i.

new, sweet friends.

bathroom photo-shoot ...
no fancy dinner is complete without one!

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