Monday, August 16, 2010

Portland: Day 4

cannon beach was incredible. we spent the morning driving through the pine trees and hilly fields and green mountains, the air becoming more crisp and revitalizing with every inch we cruised nearer to the coast. the sun was shining, and as we stepped out of the car it was an unheard of 83 degrees outside. perfection. the nicest weather amanda (west coast native) said she'd ever been to the beach with. us girls were quite please. 

so we yanked off our shoes, stuffed them in our purses, and trekked down the sandy dunes with high grasses, mountains in the distance, to an afternoon full of beautiful sites, lots of giggles, and complete relaxation in the company of each other. 

before leaving, we grabbed a late lunch of fish n'chips at a local restaurant and then headed 'home.' that evening we spent making and eating hummus, garlic bread, whole wheat pita, left-over bruschetta, fresh carrots and tall glasses of ice water. what a day.

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Anonymous said...

It really is a dreamy place, isn't it?