Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Portland: Day 5

this will be a long post. lots of pictures & LOTS of fun. it was a good, crazy, life changing day... i slacked a little on taking interesting pictures, and instead shot pretty generically. we'll all survive. 

the day began with an early rising, not much primping & meeting a friend for breakfast. this friend was one of my roommates during my semester in italy, and i hadn't seen her in five years. we had muffins and coffee and giggled and remembered and caught up on life and talked about boys and our other friends ... it was so fun to see her. she's smart and sassy and dedicated. she's good at being around people and making conversation, and yesterday morning she was as interesting as ever. 

disclaimer: my hair throughout this whole post is rough. 
don't mind it. 

after breakfast, my feet jittering, palms gettin' sweaty, mind racing, nerves itching ... i walked down the block, took a deep breath & opened the salon door. i met the charming, beautiful, free-spirited, wild-hearted Stephanie who would be working with my hair. we chatted a bit about my wispy locks and then she asked if i was ready, which i was, and then ...
i got dreads.




 i can't believe it. it hasn't hit me yet that these are serious. they're forever until i cut. them. out. they are funny right now ... to some probably terrible looking ... they're fuzzy little snakes. they're tight and new and short. but soon enough they'll expand and some will fall out and they'll grow in length and become the free-flowing dudes that i want them to be. i am happy & excited about this strange journey i have begun.

later that day we hit some p-land must-see's ...
such as:


and divine it was.


 kennedy school.
an old school house that has been taken over and is full of breweries and restaurants and a movie theater. so fun. 

this is the restaurant we ate dinner in ... i ordered my first beer ever (and thoroughly enjoyed it, surprisingly enough) and forgot to take a picture :(

that was it. 
i have dreads, i had beer & doughnuts, and i bought books. 
so i leave you with this ...


Jamie Willow said...

love the dreads! I regret not doing it myself...I wanted to do it in college but kept chickening out. my brother (mike) has had dreads a few times over the years and they are really sweet when they get long.

can't wait to see the progression! they look good now! great photos!

Lyndee said...

Dreads are cool. Grow baby grow!

Anonymous said...

Fun day!
Donies! Beer! Books!
(I miss Teddy.)

Anonymous said...

Voodoo! Powell's! I just adore Portland, wish I could be there with you and your luminous smile...and your little dog too! -Nicole