Monday, September 20, 2010

The Beautiful People Project

there are beautiful people everywhere. so many of them ... living interesting, different, peace-filled lives.
today i had some time and conversation with two really beautiful individuals. it's amazing how you can see the goodness of some people instantly ... you can just feel it. it's an aura, beauty is. i hope to be one of those types someday, where i introduce myself and people say to themselves, "she has a good heart ... she is kind ... she's got something." 

so, in honor of beautiful people everywhere, in honor of the ones who cross my path, i am beginning the "beautiful people project." when i meet or spend time with someone who inspires me or challenges me or makes me smile in a way that resonates with my soul, i will write about them here. short and simple, but a note of their individual contribution of beauty to the world ... and to my life.

beautiful person #1:
middle aged. short, spunky, spiraled hair, streaked with blonde and brown and red. flowy skirt and brown leather boots. i walked into the building of the nonprofit community organization that she runs and upon hearing her charming little voice peep out from a conference room full of people, "Alli baby!" i felt immediately connected, accepted, light-hearted and confident. i was there to see her ... the one everybody loved and was loved by, the one they respected and took their orders from. she's wild, and she speaks her mind no matter what ... it probably helps that her mind is full of love and grace and compassion, so it's pleasant to listen to, but she is well spoken of in any circle i've heard mention her name. she spends her days spending herself on the broken, weary and abused. she travels and laughs in abundance. even when she's tired and discouraged she greets others with a warm kiss and a tight embrace. she is good & beautiful ... through and through.

beautiful person #2:
his broad shoulders, rosey cheeks and kind eyes speak of the beauty within. he has fiery red hair and wears birkenstock sandals and sports ink across his thick chest that reads, "My Religion is Kindness."  during the 150 minutes i spend with him three days a week, he rarely loses his faint smile ... through the lectures, and the instructions on the next ten page paper we have to write, during the last hour of the school day, there it sits, pleasant, welcoming and a bit enticing ... that little smile.

he reminds me of Mother Teresa's challenge:

One ought to smile at five people every day that they normally wouldn't smile at. This will make a better world.