Thursday, September 23, 2010

Too Busy to Think.

not a good thing when most of one's time is spent in a classroom, or supposed to be writing a paper, or creating a 25-source APA style reference page that's due ... ahem, tomorrow.

life feels like a big, noisy, over-crowded, sweaty, stinky high school party with body parts touching that aren't supposed to, with too much consumption of not-so-awesome substances, and lots of lame, offensive jokes and over-confident attendees. 
almost fun, but not really at all. 

i am in need of order & a schedule ... still. 

next week i will focus on simplifying.

that whole "high school party" thing was an analogy ...
 i don't typically dirty-dance with boys or get superbly 
wasted, that's not what i meant by all of that. my dirty dancing 
= too many people bombarding my life and personal space
 in too little time. my not-so-awesome substances = everyone 
else' attitudes and thoughts because i have no time to separate
 my own, consumption of lots of ugly music and not very 
encouraging conversation. the others are self explanatory.  

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jessica m said...

Hi I am a new follower and I like your writing style. I look forward to reading your posts :) Check out my blog...
Have a blessed day and I hope you get more simplified!