Friday, October 1, 2010

Boy Crazy.

lately i have just been loving the male species.
they are great, aren't they? handsome & rugged ... charming & hilarious ... sensual & spiritual. every good looking, kind or unique boy that comes into my work place, i have been forced to acknowledge his fabulous-ness (whichever aspects it may contain) to my co-workers. they laugh at me, and i laugh at myself ... and then i think, "no, really ... this is not a joke ... he is perfect."

they're everywhere, these emmaculate male creations.
the one with the curly blonde hair and completely enthralling blue eyes who glides passed me in the university hallway every day ... the strong shouldered, tall one browsing the nature section of the library, gliding his perfect, veiny hands carefully across the books spines ... the one in H & M, whose pale blue shirt called praise to his chocolate skin and pulled flawlessly snug across his strapping biceps ... the shirtless, scruffy chested boy at the stop light? head over heels. oh, and what about the one this morning, with the full, perfect, scarlet lips who ordered a quad grande americano and left a $2 tip, what about him? yes, i think my heart flew through the roof.  

i have also been indulging in my love for the red-headed fella. if a cute boy also has red hair ... in this girls world,
he can do no wrong.
especially if he looks like this:

or sings like this boy:
brett dennen ... if you don't know him, meet him.

thank God for variation. it is fun and quirky and delightful to the human senses.

other things i'm a sucker for:
scruffy faces & beards (of the right consistency, of course)
shy smiles
hairy chests
nice hands
sleeve tattoos
city bike riders
a towering stature
a soft, deep voice
big curly hair that i want to touch
wise, intelligent words on literature & philosophy
a big muscular chest beneath a thermal shirt on a fall day

make a girl crazy. 

due to endangerment of being deemed completely strange and totally disturbing, i must leave the depiction of this male beauty limited to hollywood examples and your imagination. and, here, my friends, is the ultimate beaut-of-all-beaut's in the world of fame:
don't deny ... johnny is master of celeb hottness. 

 sigh, i do love boys.

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