Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ashley's Birthday

it's a day to celebrate, folks ...
today is
my sister's birthday!

you know, it's quite fitting that this celebration falls only five days after Thanksgiving because
 i am B E Y O N D  thankful for my big sister ...
 my confidant ... my best of friends ... the one who's not afraid to challenge my character ... the one who is encourager & role model to dozens of women ... the one who is cherished, literally, around the world by her friends ... the one who raises three beautiful babes, aces biology exams, gets into nursing school with ease but not without hard work, runs a bible study, makes perfect chocolate chip cookies, reads a dozen books a month or so it seems, writes, shops, cooks, cleans, and thrives in life ... yes, all at the same time. 

she dreams big, and is committed to her calling ... no matter what or how long it takes ... she believes in our God's truth and holds tight to His promises. she's enthralled with her children. she's smart and wise. she is good and funny. her blue eyes, blonde hair and sparkling smile have dazzled many a' heart over the years ... and i, alexandria turner, have been immensely proud to be labeled her little sister for as long as i can remember. i claim her with pride and excitement ... i love to tell people that we come from the same places, that i know her with an intimacy that so many never will ...
we cannot be broken or separated. we will never lose touch or forget to call each other on Christmas or birthdays. her & i will always share our childhood and our grandmas and our little brother and our icky, dumb dogs and our barbie ahem escapades and our long car rides to vacation in arkansas and our blue eyes and our little, tiny, petite noses joke and our sweet mommy and our powerful dad and our longing to love broken children and our christian heritage ... we are blood. i will never lose her. 

happy birthday, sissy ...
i am lucky to be yours.
love, love, love you.

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