Monday, November 1, 2010

Beautiful Person #3:

she is tall and thin ... her wavy blonde hair falls flawlessly over her tan shoulders (every moment of every day) and sunset-golden eyes gleam charmingly from under her long lashes. she drives a white escalade and drinks LOTS of starbucks. she takes too many cigarette brakes, and, when so inclined, releases booming boughts of laughter from her tiny, muscle-rippled tummy.

the day i met her for real, the day i met who she really was - as opposed to the stereotypes that were plastered secretly across her back and the jealous words whispered from behind - the day i was introduced to her heart and spirit and wild compassion, she was sporting a grey FORD t-shirt that fittingly read, "Made Stronger to Last Longer." she is the executive director of a shelter for women and children, victims of domestic violence. she spends her days, heart, and money on people who don't have the guts, ability, or luxury of escaping abuse. she is funny and loving. she's one of those that lights up a room when she walks in. she gives and gives ... but she is also quite powerful and never afraid of big, bad, corporate men who want to steal all of the grants and government funding. no, no, no, she is not afraid of those goons. never. she is intimidating when she needs to be. and that lion of a heart hidden inside of her uterly stunning (seriously) physique is a match that not many can handle in battle ... especially those greedy, cologne-drenched fella's. her empathy and boldness win every time.

this woman is the kind that i want to be.

and this is part of the lesson that He taught me through her:

For judgement is without mercy to one who has shown no mercy. 
Mercy triumphs over judgment. 
james 2:13

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