Friday, November 5, 2010

Creeeeeepy Mouse.

it's fall ... did you know!?
and this past weekend it really started to feel like it around here.

10 tell-tale signs of autumn: 
in no particular order
1. wearing wool socks & sweatshirts to bed
2. chilly toilet seats in the early morn
3. double tall soy pumpkin spice lattes
4. the switching of bed sheets from white cotton to cozy flannel
5. study sessions with steamy pots of tea and mounds of leftover halloween candy
6. complete zone-out periods during class ... it's al. most. break.
7. finding orange, crunchy leaves in the drivers seat of my car after leaving the windows down
8. soar throats & wheezy lungs after a run from the bitter cold morning air
9. tobacco scented candles burning strong & bold in the living room

and the charmingly inevitable ... 

10. bonfires

halloween 2010 goes down in the books as my most favorite halloween so far. 
it was full of pirates and skeletons and cute fairies and eyeliner and family and really, really good boxes of DOTS candies (numerous boxes of all pink, red & orange ... yum!) and bowls of chili and dear friends and late night fires to warm the chilled bones of daddies, mommies, aunties & babes alike!

emily dickinson

the mourns are meeker than they were,
the nuts are getting brown;
the berry's cheek is plumper, 
the rose is out of town.
the maple wears a gayer scarf, 
the field a scarlet gown.
lest i should be old-fashioned, 
i'll put a trinket on.

happy fall,
the end.

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