Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving #2

today i am thankful for:
- snow flurries
- my family: great parents, rasta brother, best friend sister, perfect babies, steady, wise grandparents, fun cousins, silly aunts, chill uncles & the ugly family pups!
- my church family ... the way they follow and assist my father, and the way we all learn together
- my best girls ... spread across the country they may be, they are the most cherished of friends
- my opportunity to volunteer with amazing women & people
- self-awareness ... and the awareness that i need more awareness
- my moms hospitality
- my home
- my camera
- my cute, rattly car
- my sparkly gold tights
- the truth
- my wild spirit & dreams
- my hair
- my job
- my redemption
- my education

most of all ... 

- this year i have learned to be truly thankful for the Lord's provision and wisdom as to where one needs to be in life ... He knows for how long one needs to stay in a situation, what they need to struggle with, what they need to be saved from, when they need to suffer the consequences of stupidity & when they ought to forgive. 

... essentially, i am grateful, grateful, grateful 
for God's wisdom & how stubborn He is with me. 

happy thanksgiving.