Friday, November 26, 2010

Yesterday's Best Photo Award

my gramps is the best grandpa there ever could be ... yes, better than yours, i'm sure of it  *wink

he is the single most loving, hard-working, hard-headed, genuine man that i have ever known.
he loves his kids, grandkids and great-grandchildren with an everlasting, protective, truth-filled love that we feel through and through. we are part of his family ... we are his ... and he lets us know it. whether through his big bear claw hugs, his vice-grip 'massages', or his affirming words of how proud he is of me ... i am confident in my grandfathers affection for me. i think, through his life of ministry and hardship, that he has learned well how to really love someone. through mess and trial and pain and goodness ... no matter what, he loves on.

i am proud and blessed to be under his protection, prayer & love ...
not to mention, to be one of the few that are able to claim his name.
i love my name ... i am not sure that i'll part with it well
yup, it's a good one now!   :)

this Thanksgiving was warm and cozy in every sense.
i'll tell about it later, when this crazy fun weekend is over.