Thursday, November 18, 2010

Late Night Messaging.

the last message in an email thread between me & a friend of mine (in a far away city)
who, due to his search for a roommate, i jokingly offered to move in with:

wow ... that's SO cheap for a place in the city. i must warn you though,
 i don't think i am the easiest of people to live with ... a bit messy, and irritable at times :) 
hah .. wouldn't that be so fun? yes.

sometimes i am seriously tempted to drop out of school, quit my job and just drive 

from city to city to visit all of my friends and be a complete humanitarian bum. 
just meet people, see how they live, and find Jesus in all different kinds of people and places. 
it would be amazing, i'm sure ... and then i think, what good would that do for others? nothing.
 it'd make for me an interesting life, but why?
... life's weird. and pretty fun. and totally inspiring. and a little overwhelming 

if one's priorities and mind are at all screwed up :)

well, that was a loaded message that i didn't expect to come out, but there you have it, mister ...
i hope you're well. when you have the time you should write me and tell me all about your life, where you're headed and what you think about certain things ... like God, your life, family, girls, cities ... 

anything you'd like, i'd enjoy listening, promise.