Friday, November 19, 2010


there has never been a more fit cliche, my friends. 
 tomorrow, at twelve o'clock noon, i am a free woman. 
i have no school for 10 days. 
i have no work for 5 days.
a free woman ... that is i ...
and i cannot wait. 

so, with my days of freedom and bliss i plan to ...

1. eat at my fav indian restaurant at least once

2. start a new project ... create something

3. go to a lingerie shop and buy, buy, buy ...
my dear friends merry christmas/happy
 engagement package is in need of some
special topping off

4. send off my four best buddies' gift boxes

5. clean up my room & make it
charming and cute again

6. drink wine ...
maybe a glass every day

7. stand in as sous chef
for our big, festive
Thanksgiving feast

8. go see LOVE AND OTHER DRUGS and
get theater nachos. yes, i need them. 

9. get the products that i ordered in the
mail and have a little
Dread TLC session

10. start doing yoga ... finally

yes, i do realize that thanksgiving is in 
6 days ... and i will make mention of 
such as soon as todays academic ventures 
are behind me ... but, here are a few
 very fall-ish pictures (of my sister's family) 
that melt, warm & cheer the heart ...
 just like the Holidays 
are supposed to.