Monday, April 11, 2011

Portland 2.0

our home away from home. 
with sweet surprise notes, good reading material, cozy lion sleeping buddies, & early morning cappuccinos
... all compliments of our beautiful host, of whom i haven't but one picture  :(

 my girls.
the sole reason for my trip ... my dear friend's wedding.
we had massages, giggle-fests, & perfect afternoons full of wedding planning & rehearsal busyness.

nights of crazy.
we had lots of donuts & fun this night ... my friend, david, & i.  

this weekend i witnessed a best friend make a lifetime commitment to another human. 
i witnessed her in love ... and i am honored & blessed to have been at her wedding. 
i love her. she is a dear friend & she has an impeccable soul. 

this weekend i spent time with a friend that i haven't seen in years. 
i got some much needed closure & understanding. i got hilarious memories & honest conversation. 

this weekend i was the recipient of a whole lotta love, hospitality, wise words, & humor. 
the home i stayed in was peaceful & kind ... it had a healthy and welcoming spirit, where weary minds and souls were invited to relax, laugh, eat, discuss, contemplate, and just be.
when i have one, i hope my home can offer that kind of atmosphere to my loved ones. 

another successful west coast trip, full of goodness, is tucked safely under my belt. 


Anonymous said...

I like it.

jessica m said...

How fun! Love your writing style.