Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sealed With a Kiss.

i think i am going to start sending things through the mail more often. 

letters ... flowers ... packages.

i love the idea. getting things in the mail is charming and strangely exhilarating.
hand written letters are intimate. unexpected bouquets are beautiful & uplifting. brown boxes full of things BIG and small are guaranteed to make anyone's day. 

i almost sent out some killer packages this Christmas to my greatest girlfriends. 
they would've included elegant bar soaps and funky, handmade blessing baskets and cutesy fabric wraps and huge blocks of chocolate and a series of paintings i made for the four of us to share.  

and then ... i didn't.
i sorted and stacked the items into their own boxes and pushed them aside to be sent another day ... and then i just didn't send them. lame. 
i always have good great intentions.

so ... i am going to start. 
beginning today APRIL 12TH.2011 i will send one thing to one friend, 
family member, church member, or boyfriend singular each month. 
i will, it's true. one thing a month. that's not hard. i'll do it, and i'll document it. 

 ... i have 18 days before my first deadline.


Anonymous said...

Sisters like to get things in the mail...
("It will be so fun when I get mine...")
;) Love you.

Anonymous said...

You can leave mine on the porch!...m

Alexandria said...

heh ... you're a funny mommy! <3

ash ... i have a plan for you already. don't worry your pretty little head, sis.