Friday, April 29, 2011

Wanna Know What Else I Did Last Weekend?

i saw The Civil Wars live in St. Louis ... 
with my greatest of friends - and cute boyfriend - after eating a cozy dinner at a local pub. 
a turkey melt, fried pickles, & lemon water, if you were wondering.

they were in-stinkin'-credible. 
i stood in awe of their tight harmonies, intriguing lyrics, killer MJ covers, & totally dreamy chemistry.

if you and you should youtube some live videos of their performances:
1st: you'll fall in love with their music.
2nd: you'll wish they were actually a couple, because it'd make them being this good of a band 
so. much. better. 
3rd: you'll wish you were joy williams because of how dainty & charmingly enjoyable she is. seriously. 

Easter post still to come.

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