Friday, July 8, 2011

Baby, You're a Firework!

july 4th celebrations were perfect. 
i spent the weekend in chicago suburbs with a group of friends many of which i rarely get to see  and matt & i threw a party at his house! the day was dreamy with a high of 86, unveiled sunshine, and waves of perfect breeze throughout the afternoon that turned into a pretty sunset sky & cool summer evening.

as the night went on i forgot more and more to take pictures. which is sad, because the after-fireworks party was whimsical and cozy. but we had a fab time ... here's the proof! 

1. Matt's daddy grilling with a friend     2. me & two of my favorite ladies     3 & 4. chatty, handsome boys

summer in chicago = big sunglasses

buddies playing bags

1. bros ;)     2. me & bruce!

everybody hangin'

1. me eating     2. chris & ruth ... new friends!     3. edith & her piece of AWESOME american flag cake     4. sunset jeff     5. matt & i     6. waiting for fireworks!

the back deck ... ready for drink creations & snacking!

and that, my friends, is where the pictures ended ... 
but the party did not. 

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Anonymous said...

Good job, guys! Party queen-n-king....m