Wednesday, September 28, 2011

whoa, nelly ... it's been a long time.

i know that i am supposed to "enjoy today" ... "live in the moment" ... 
"not yearn for tomorrow, for it isn't promised" ... 

yeah. i know. 

but i can't help it. 

i am ready for the next stage in life. so ready.

i have senioritis. bad. 
i miss my boyfriend. bad. 
i want to spend these autumn afternoons frolicking in 
pumpkin patches with my best friend. bad. 
i want to be in grad school, living downtown chicago. bad. 

i want, i want, i want. 

life is good. it's nice and comfortable and i am blessed. 
i am still applying myself, and not grumpy and stressed all the time although, i have my days  ...
i am doing well. for real. 
there are rough days, but i'm well.

71/2 months and counting. 
graduation & moving day will come soon!

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Jamie Willow said...

I totally relate. Different lyrics, same tune. I'm so over being pregnant and sick. It's not always easy to stay present and grateful...not easy at all.
I hope the time passes quickly for you and that you have lots of good moments while you are waiting for the next season.